Often weather is the first information in which people are interested. I has an impact on our economic environment, but also on our behaviour and desires.

The weather is popularized at the end of the fifties, its no longer a simple new or practical information proposed in the general information ; it has its own program.

This need for information comes from the random side of our climate variable but also from our need to control and to limit the influence of elements on our daily life.

People recognize themselves in this information it is a way of connecting themselves with others because, in front of the elements, we are all equal.

In June 2016 rainfalls and rising waters in Paris occupied many of our daily information. Parisians and tourists were numerous around the docks under water in order to immortalize the new landscapes. As in 1910 the floods drained a lot of curious people and a lot of photos relayed by modern social networks.

Like the 1910’s reports, these photographs were taken by a film camera