«The landscape arises from the meeting of a place, from a sensitive territory and from a feeling being» (Pierre Sansot, Jardins publics, Payot, Paris 2003)

Somewhere else is everywhere which is not here...

This is an invitation to travel. They show a position of the man in front of the immensity, in front of his environment. It is a window on the world. It is a poetic vision. There are places which transport you, atmospheres which fill you with feelings.

The landscape is a kind of relationship with the territory, with the horizon: the landscape is an horizon, a desirable area, which while being remote calls to be joined, but which as we approach it, tends to go away. This horizon establishes this limit between the ground and the sky, but this limit is vague : the ground and the sky become confused in a valuable resemblance. It is an indefinite zone, a zone of mixture and dissolutions.

It is not landscape without perception, without constructions. The notion of frame is inseparable of the landscape, in the sense where it is our glance which establishes it ; quite naturally the glance cuts and selects. The square format is a neutral format which grants all its value to the composition. The sky is shown with importance. The landscapes are purified. There are few tracks of human presence, sometimes some elements but the main things: a road, a pier, a dike …

On these landscapes, the time seems suspended ; we are timeless, outside the rhythms supported by the modern world. This is made possible by the walking.

The walking is a crossing of the landscape. It is humble one dumping in the nature, clearing a road towards one or towards the others, at the same time bend to gather and opening towards the world or on the contrary, fascination for the unknown horizons. The walking is an evasion, one from feet to nose in the modernity. It introduces the sensation of the world, it is a full experience leaving to the man the initiative. It is a quiet method of re-delight of duration and of the space. It is a state of mind, a happy humility in front of the world, an experience of the freedom, an inexhaustible source of observations and musing, a happy enjoyment convenient to the unexpected meetings, to the surprises.